Banjo #499 Mahogany 5 string Gourd banjo fretless ” Irma”


Mahogany  neck with oil finish
1/4 sawn Oak fretless fingerboard
Braced and epoxy/fiberglass interior support
Ebony violin friction pegs…very smooth operation
corian nut 1 5/16″ wide
Large Kettle Gourd 8 1/2″ dia x 6″ deep
1 3/4″ sound port
Barry Sholder std. 5 string gourd string set
black natural goatskin head

** this banjo can be made with frets as a special order

**Out of stock/Special Order Available

Please note: Available for special order means that the instrument is currently unavailable and will have to be built Usually about 4 weeks.



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This is a new Barry Sholder Gourd 5 string Banjo #499 fretless Irma. why Irma…..? the original Irma was built during Hurricane Irma. Pretty instrument. Finished in  hand-rubbed oil. This particular instrument features a smaller Kettle gourd. However because of the 6″ depth, she puts out a lot of wind.