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New Fretted 5 String Gourd Banjo #504″Mini 5″


Black WalnutNeck with oil finish
1/4 sawn Oak Fretted Fingerboard Oil Finish
17″ scale  14 frets tunes to Open G just like your regular banjo
Corian nut 1 1/4″ wide
Ebony friction violin tuners…very smooth operation
Canteen gourd 9 1/2″ dia x 4 ” deep
1 3/4″ soundport
Custom Mini 5 string set
Natural Goatskin head
Romero style tailpiece
* extra string sets available on  accessories page






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Here’s a 5 string banjo….tuned to open G or A, the size of a tenor ukulele. This banjo is built just like my standard gourdies only with a 17″ scale. Overall length 28″. Great for travel and the ladies. A full sounding instrument in a small package. Fretted. What more can I say?