Banjo #481 Greenman 5 string fretless


Cherry neck With urethane finish
Black walnut fretless fingerboard
26 3/16″scale ..same as a mastertone tune to open G
Hand carved and colored peghjead
Flat canteen gourd  10 1/2″ dia x 4″ deep
1 3/4″ soundport
fiberglass/epoxy braced interior
Barry Sholder std. Gourd banjo strings
Corian nut 1 1/4″ w.
Natural Goatskin head
Raw gourd with Matte clear coat.
** available fretted  with a custom order



**Out of stock/ special order available

Please note: Available for special order means that the instrument is currently unavailable and will have to be built Usually about 4 weeks.

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This is the latest edition of the 5 string fretless Greenman Gourd banjo. Every greenman is a one of a kind.(I can’t carve the same thing twice) Handcarved and colored peghead, flat canteen gourd ,this one is sure to be a favorite.