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Banjo #502 4 string Tenor Irish Banjo


Dark Brown Curly Maple fretted neck
22.5″ scale
Oak fretboard 19 frets
Abalone marker dots
Grover #88B friction tuners
Corian nut 1 1/4″wide
D’Addario Irish tenor string set #EJ63i
Canteen gourd 9″ dia x 4″ deep
Goatskin head
Fiberglass /epoxy interior
Rosewood veneer head plate


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This is a 4 string(steel) Tenor banjo in Irish Tuning  GDAE, like violin and mandolin, played with a flat pick… 22.5 inch scale
19 frets and a 9.5″ gourd makes this a killer instrument that will cut right in with the rest of the band.