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Banjo #508 fretless 5 string Gourd banjo “Tall Gourd”


Mahogany neck oil finish
Ash fretless fingerboard
Ebony friction tuners … very smooth operation
1 1/4″ Corian nut
Tall gourd 11 1/2″L 7″W x 5″ deep
1 3/4″ soundport
Natural goatskin head
Gourd interior has been reinforced with epoxy/Carbon fiber and cross bracing
Free strap included
Barry Sholder gourd banjo string set
** this banjo can be order with frets at an additional charge.

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This Gourd banjo is made from what they call a tall Gourd. They grow in all different sizes and shapes from real tall to more squashed. This one is 11 1/2″ inches in length , 7 1/2″ at the widest point and 5″ deep at the deepest point. The sound is similar to a kettle gourd because of the amount of air volume…, just a different approach. This guy does come with a strap because it would be difficult to hold without it.