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  • Banjo #468 Hot Rod

    Cherry neck with oil finish
    Rosewood fretless fingerboard
    Buckbee peghead
    Corian nut measuring 1 3/16″ wide
    Ebony friction violin tuners…very smooth operation
    Canteen Gourd measures 9 ” dia x 4″ deep
    1 1/2″ soundport
    26 3/16″ scale

  • Gourd Banjo #466″Fencepost”

    Cherry Neck Playable….Smooth
    All rough and natural except the neck
    Cherry Fretless Fingerboard (26 3/16″ scale)
    Rusty nail in peghead
    Ebony friction violin tuners … very smooth operation
    Natural Goatskin Head
    1 3/16″ nut
    Large Kettle Gourd…


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