New Barry Sholder Fretless Gourd Banjo #434 “Mel”


Oak fingerboard oil finish
Cherry Neck oil finish
Handcarved Painted  Woodspirit Peghead
Rosewood Bridge
Big Kettle Gourd 9 1/2″ x 5 1/2″ deep
1 3/4″ soundport
Black Goatskin head
Corion Nut 1 5/16″
Ebony Friction Tuners (Very Smooth Operation)
Barry Sholder Standard Gourd Banjo String Set
*Extra string sets available on the accessories page

**Out of stock/Special Order Available

Please note: Available for special order means that the instrument is currently unavailable and will have to be built Usually about 2 weeks.




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New woodspirit is back in stock. One of my most popular gourdies . Mel is hand-carved and colored and he’s a one of a kind. He has a large kettle gourd with a 1 3/4″ soundport which means he’s a loud talker. The gourd is a big kettle producing a deep tonal range. He’s sure to be an attention grabber as well as a standout in any old-time jam.