#420 Fretted 5 String Gourd Banjo “Bottle Gourd”


Black Walnut neck…highly figured (Oil Finish)
Oak fretted fingerboard with 14 frets
Stitcher Peghead
Ebony friction violin tuners …. very smooth operation
Bottle gourd 12″ long  8″ wide   6 1/2″ deep
2 Sound ports
2 Goatskin heads
Romero style tailpiece
Corion nut 1 3/8″ wide
Strap included
Barry Sholder standard gourd banjo string set
*Extra string sets available on the accessories page
**This banjo can be custom ordered without frets.

**Out of stock/Special Order Available

Please note: Available for special order means that the instrument is currently unavailable and will have to be built Usually about 2 weeks.

please call for special orders. These gourds are only available certain times of the year.



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One of my most popular style banjos is the Bottle gourd 5 string fretted.  Always an attention-getter, these guys produce a fantastic sound incorporating 2 skins and 2 sound ports. This one has a Stitcher peghead, a black walnut neck, and a handmade bridge. The bottle Gourdie will be a great addition to your banjo collection.

Gourd size may vary on special orders.