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Gourd Banjo #480 Tall Gourd 5 string fretless Banjo


Black Walnut neck w/Polyurethane finish
1/4 sawn Oak fretless fingerboard
1 3/8″ Corian nut
Huge Tall Gourd 13″ length x 8 1/2″wide x 6″ deep
Ebony tuner friction pegs…very smooth
Natural Goatskin
Barry Sholder Std Gourd banjo string set
Free strap

This banjo can be custom ordered with frets

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What is a tall gourd you say? Well, it’s sort of an elongated, stretched gourd, that’s not short, or flat. Many can be very tall, up to 18-20″ tall. For a gourd banjo, you have to use a short, tall gourd….I think that explains it!  Anyway, what I have here produces a great range of sound and a very unique instrument that’s sure to please.