Barry Sholder Banjo #343 “Mosaic”

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Barry Sholder Banjo #343 “Mosaic”


Neck is Cherry with a satin Tru-oil finish
Black Walnut fretless fingerboard
Maple and rosewood bridge
Big 10 1/2″ x 6″ deep Kettle gourd
Ebony violin friction tuners
Barry Sholder std. Gourd string set *  available in accessories
Goatskin with Romero style tailpiece
Bone nut

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This banjo is not only a great player but also an organic sculpture. The peghead and gourd treatment is a process using handmade paper that is adhered to the gourd. The color starts from light orange on the bottom of the gourd to red around the tacks. Then a high tech wood burner is used to burn around each piece of paper using tiny dots. Then the entire gourd and peghead are clear-coated with gloss polyurethane. There is a texture to the touch. This is what you get with this kind of technique.