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Banjo#474 Stretch bottle gourd 5 string


Mahogany neck finished in oil
Irma style peghead
Fretless Oak fingerboard finished in oil.
Ebony violin frictions pegs…very smooth
Bottle gourd is 13″ in o/a length 5 1/2″ deep
2 soundports
2 african goat skins
Tuned to open G -26 3/16″
Corian nut 1 3/8″ deep

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As the name implies, this guy is made from a bottle gourd that just happen to grow strtched. These are grown on the ground so they just happen that way and sometimes when I dont get a chance to personally hand pick my gourds I get odd ones, which presents a challenge. If you notice the neck bends a little bit and with a straight dowel going through the gourd, some compromises and adjustments need to be made as you can see in the photos. I like it. This guy plays really nice with a very nice tonal range.