Banjo#338 Mini 5 Travel 5 string Gourdie


Banjo#338 Mini 5 Travel 5 string Gourdie


Tenor size 5 strings, 17″ scale with 15 frets
Green Abalone fretboard dots, white side dots
Oak fretboard with Danish oil finish
8 1/2″ canteen gourd with 1 1/2″ soundport
Buckeye Burl peghead plate
Ebony friction violin tuners
Custom Barry Sholder Mini 5 string set * see accessories for extra string sets
Corian  nut
Neck is Spalted Alder

Note: Available for special order
means that the instrument is currently
unavailable and will have to be built
Usually about 2 weeks
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This is a Gourd 5 string banjo disguised as a tenor uke with a 5th string growth. Tuned to open G tuning just like a std. 5 stringer, but with a 17″scale, with 15 frets. The neck is Spalted Alder, with Buckeye Burl head plate . Played the same way a regular 5 string banjo, only short.