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Banjo #497 Fretless Fencepost


Cherry Neck
Cherry Fretless fingerboard std scale length 26 3/16″.
Can be be tuned up or down and double tunings as well
Large kettle Gourd 11 1/4″ dia x 5  3/4″ deep
1 3/4″ soundport
Natural Goatskin head
Ebony friction tuners
Barry Sholder std Banjo set…..extras available on acc. page.

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The Fencepost is by far the most popular banjo I make. This is rough and raw from the top to the bottom. The original Fencepost used part of a fence post and now has evolved into a rustic mess yet plays just like the rest of my gourd banjos. The neck is smooth with an oil finish, so no splinters.