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Banjo #495 Left -Handed fretless Gourdie 5 string


Cherry neck with oil finish
Maple fretless fingerboard 26  3/16″ scale
Large canteen gourd 11″ dia x 6″ depth
1 3/4″ soundport
Natural Goatskin head
Ebony friction violin tuner pegs….very smooth operation
Corian nut 1 5/16″ wide
Barry Sholder Std gourd banjo string set wound 4th
Rosewood handmade bridge

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Well how bout a Left-handed 5 string fretless banjo. Now available.
BTW ….all of my banjos are available  custom order ,left-handed and fretted. there is no extra charge for the left-handed , however there is addtional charge for the frets.
Let me know……