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Banjo #479 Red Hotrod 5 string fretless Banjo


Quilted Maple neck/Urethane finish
Teak fretless fingerboard
Canteen Gourd 9″w .x 3 3/4″ deep…Barn red dye
1 1/2″ soundport
Natural goatskin
ebony violin friction tuners
corian nut 1 3/8″ wide
Barry Sholder std. gourd string set

can be built similar w/ frets

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Red Hotrod….Barn red Canteen gourd 9″w x 3 3/4″ deep, makes for a compact lightweight, with some pop! Quilted Maple neck and fretless Teak fingerboard add to the bling on this guy. The teak fingerboard was made from a Scandinavian end table my mom had for over 50 years.