Banjo #336 “Pegheds” tuners


Banjo #336 “Pegheds” tuners


Premium Curly Maple neck with Danish oil finish
Black Walnut fretless fingerboard
Pegheds geared tuners
New peghead design matches the 5th gear location and the end of the fingerboard
Burled overlay on peghead and tailpiece
Big 11 1/4″ canteen gourd with 2″ soundhole
Leather strip under head tacks
Goatskin head
Romero style tailpiece that keeps the strings from rubbing the edge of the gourd
Violin grade maple bridge (1/4 grain)

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This banjo has all the cool features you are looking for and requested, including the Pegheds geared tuners that look like fiddle pegs but are actually geared, and a big Canteen gourd.