Banjo #332 Irma (3)


Banjo #332 Irma (3)


Highly figured Curly maple neck with a deep amber dye and satin finish
Rosewood fretless fingerboard with oil finish,  Rosewood heel cap
The 5th string has a hand carved scallop carving around the peg hole
The nut is bone 34mm
The gourd is huge 9″ dia x 6″ deep with 1 1/2″ sound port
This guy will push out some deep sound and still has bright high tones
Goarskin, Romero style tailpiece
Friction violin tuners very smooth
Barry Sholder Standard gourd banjo string set w/wound 3rd

Availability: Available for special order
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Irma has been a very popular banjo. The original was built during the Irma snow storm, so it seemed like a fitting name.
Each is a little different but the peghead and the kettle gourd stay the same. This one has a huge kettle gourd best played with a strap and a carved scallop 5 th string treatment and a Rosewood heel cap.