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Banjo #330 Fiddlehead Bald Eagle


Cherry Neck Tru-oil finish semi-gloss
Black Walnut fretless fingerboard with a danish oil finish
Hand carved and colored Bald Eagle peghead
Ebony friction violin tuners
Barry Sholder Standard Gourd banjo string set
Canteen Gourd measures 10 3/4″ dia x 4 1/4″ deep  2″ soundport
Goatskin head
Romero style tailpiece

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This one has been a long time coming. 2 months in the making ..we here a competition quality carved Bald Eagle. Competition quality refers to wildfowl carvers that enter carving as realistic as possible into competitions. The eyes are glass the feathers have been hand carved and burned. The colors are all acrylic with matte clearcoating.
* Restringing will require a pair of needlenose pliers in order to reach and replace the 2 and 3 strings.