Banjo #308 Plantation w ropes


Banjo #308 Plantation w ropes


Cherry neck with oil finish
Oak fretless fingerboard
Plantation style peghead with unique peg pattern
Ebony friction violin pegs…very smooth
Ebony nut
Kettle style gourd measuring 9 1/2″ dia x 6″ deep with a 1 1/2″ soundport
Romero style tailpiece, Calfskin and rawhide ropes
Custom std. Barry Sholder string set
Deep resonant tone



Availability: Available for special order
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This is the first banjo I have made that uses rawhide to hold the skin to the gourd. It is extremely tight .(It is not adjustable).
The banjo itself is a replica of a gourd banjo depicted in the watercolor painting “The Old Plantation” where it shows slaves dancing and playing the gourd banjo. This banjo does have great one leaning more towards the deeper side due to the Kettle gourd used
* this banjo is only available as a special order only right now …It has to be made. Usually 2 weeks.