"I received the banjo today, and it's awesome! The banjo does have great bass, especially in Briggs' Tuning (dGDF#A). The woods you used are perfectly complementary, and the finish is first class".  Neil Bellanca Banjo #033

"....It looks and sounds great. Much nicer than I expected for the price. I am very pleased with it .   Mike Hall Banjo  #036

"The banjo arrived yesterday-she's a beauty.....I'm glad to be a part of your banjo family". Michaell Simpson Banjo  # 022
"I am thrilled.....The instrument looks fantastic- great shapes and the turquiose really sets it off nicely".  Nicholas Pain  Uke #001
"....got the banjo - looks and sounds great, has depth comparable to my $5000 classical guitar"   Steve Brown. Banjo #017
"This is my first gourd banjo and I'm very happy with the sound of this one. It's a big gourd 11x6...deep tribal sound. The more I play it and get used to it the better it gets. Thanks Barry"  David and Lisa Miller Banjo #028
"Quickdraw arrived about an hour ago in primo condition and played so beautifully and strongly right out of the box that it moved even the heart of my wife."R.D. Eno Banjo  #026 woodspirit"Quickdraw" ("Woodspirits always need to be named")
".....banjo arrived Wednesday afternnoon. It looks better than I expected and sounds great- and it's a blast to play". Chris Marolf Banjo #034

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