Gourd Banjos by Barry

Barry Sholder Gourd Banjos
Phone:770-712-4419    E-mail: Barry@signandart.com
122 Battle Dr., Dallas, Ga.30132

About my Banjos and Custom Work

To construct all my banjos, I try to find the finest materials available . Your banjo will truely be one of a kind because these instruments are made from gourds grown in the fields of central California.  Some of the gourds that I use measure up to 3/4" thick, making them ideal for a carved surface.  Also, thickness does have a factor in the tone of the instrument.
 Two different styles of gourds are used in the making of my banjos. Canteen, which is what the name implies,  somewhat flat. This type of gourd gives the instrument plenty of punch. The other is a Martin kettle gourd which is  more like a ball, and it tends to give a deeper sound.
I try to find the most interesting woods to make the necks and wood parts, including: Curly Maple, Mahogany, Cherry, and Black Walnut. I then use dye stains to create an artistic contrast to the gourd. Other woods are avialable for custom work.
Custom banjos and ukulels do not have to be expensive. If you see an instrument on my website but the neck wood is not what you are after, one can be built with your pick of wood. Mix and match necks gourds and pegheads...it's all good.
Call me and we can talk banjos I'd love to hear from you. 770-712-4419 I'm down south in Georgia so plan your call so I am not sleeping.